Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Read a book.

It'll help the economy. For those that don't know last wednesday was declared black wednesday because the other big three, Random House, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, and Simon & Schuster(book publishers), have had massive layoffs and cutbacks. When publishers say things like "we're no longer accepting books you know we are in one hell of an economic crisis." I mean when the lack of money starts to affect the intelligence of a people immediately we are in trouble. Some have chosen to go hard on the publishers. saying that they have been doing superficial work like put out Joe the plumber's new book. Which I cannot see what the contents of the book will be I mean he did exactly outside of possibly owning a company other than lie about himself. but the three companies are the next to be heading into bankruptcy although they did put out all of the top ten books this year I mean when it comes to the bestsellers. Which could mean nothing if they do like the record industry does and buy their own products in order to get more publicity and more interest. I try to read as much as possible lately I've been starting one outthen I'll just stop but I'm determined to finish this book. I'm not exactly proud of the book I'm reading plus their not paying me or anything so I won't mention the book's name. Thank you for reading this last bit of pointlessness.