Sunday, August 23, 2009

Off That... New Jay-Z had to post it

New Jay-Z Feat. Drake Off that now that I think about aren't we suppose to be calling him Shaun Carter now? sounds kinda wild but the lyrics are clever... I'm down... I shoulda posted that run this town video too

Monday, June 15, 2009

Banksy's back

My favorite vandal is back on the streets tripn or should I say museum...

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Death of the Autotune

Lada Dada Ayayay Goodbyyyyyyyyyye(good riddins)
Hold up
Only nigga to rewrite history without a pen/ No ID on the track let the story begin/(begin2X)/
This is anti autotune death of the ringtone/this aint for itunes this aint for singalongs/this is sinatra at the opera bring a blonde/ preferably wit a fatass who could sing a song/wrong this aint politically correct(unh)/ this might offend my political connects(unh)/my raps dont have melodies/ this shit make niggaz wanna go n commit felonies(unh)/get ya chain tookn I might do it myself I'm so brooklyn(unh)/I know we facin a recession/ but the music yall makin gon make it the great depression(unh)/all ya lack of aggression pull ya skirt back down grow a set man (unh unh)/ Nigga This shit violent Death of autotune moment of silence/

-Lada Dada Ayayay Goodbyyyyyyyyyye(good riddins)
Hold up
Only nigga to rewrite history without a pen/ No ID on the track let the story begin/(begin2X)

Hold up
This ain't a number one record(Unh)/this is practically assault with a deadly weapon(unh)/I made this just for flexn/ mister cee I want niggaz to feel threatend/(unh) stop ya bloodclot crying/the kid the dog everybody dying no lying/ u niggaz jeans too tyte/ ur colors too bright/ ur voice too light(unh unh)/ I might wear black for a year str8/ I might bring back versace shades/ this aint Z100/ ye told me to kill yall to keep it one hunnid/ this is for hot 97/ this shit for clue for khaled for we the bestin(unh)/nigga this shit violent/ the death of autotune moment of silence

Lada Dada Ayayay Goodbyyyyyyyyyye(good riddins)
Hold up
Only nigga to rewrite history without a pen/ No ID on the track let the story begin/(begin2X)

Hold up
this shit need a verse from jeezy/(ayyyy) might send this to the mixtape weezy/ get somebody from BMF to talk on it/ get this to a blood let a crip walk on it/(unh)fifty thou to style on this/ I just dont need no one to smile on this(unh)/yall niggaz singing too much/ get back to rap youl t-painin too much(unh)/I'm a multimillionaire/so how is it I'm still the hardest nigga here/(unh)I dont be in the project hallway/ talkn bout how I be in the project all day/That shit stupid to me if u a gangsta/(against a) this is how u prove it to me/(unh unh) nigga just get violent/ death of auto tune moment of silence/-New Jay'Z

Yeah not the greatest show of lyricism but still it has a sense of authenticness to it. The old Jay prolly woulda passed on this beat. It's tyte n all but if he did mess wit it it would of been a lot more ill lyricism too it. I can respect this. Except for the shout out to weezy who uses the most autotune in his raps. It's cool tho. Might as well bang it let it grow on u. That beat is hard tho.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Almost there is all the way done

I know that sounds like a oxymoron but My new Mixtape titled Almost There is officially finished. Here's a home made video of the first leak off it called Exodus...

Friday, May 1, 2009

Lyrical Fire 1

Haven't been on here consistently lately but I have a new series of blogs Which I'll call lyrical fire until I come up with something better. I'll start with something from one of my favorite rappers ever Pharoahe Monch a song call free off his latest album Desire. Check these lyrics they are a very articulate description of the rap game.

Hook (You can clip my ways shackle and chain me/ back straight standing tall a child of god and I'm (free)/
spit in my face hold me down/ I keep my feet front to the ground/ I'm free )

your a&r's a house nigga the labels the plaintation/ now switch that advance for your emancipation/ mcs in the field/ like cotton for real/ I pop locks like beat street with an option to kill/ they take the strongest of slaves to compete in a trackmeet/ for the king of the city sing songs of backstreets/ chorus' of cocaine tales and black heat/ train niggas like proffesional athletes/ take that merchandising snatch that publishing/ package that black ass ship you to London/ by way France, Germany,Dublin/ harrell road the underground like harriet Tubman/ while y'all stay strugglin/ we smuggle mcs/ through the streets/ til we bubblin/ on mix CDs hustlin/ Klan seen me on the block said freeze/ I said fuck you Im a man I'm free/

I give birth to verses in churches no confession/ so please pardon my post partum depression/ a list mc that spit it in c sections/ for immature minds to get it with each lesson/ three/fifths of a man/ ass nigga with no plans/ how you discussing publishing figures without a band/ they got the digital codes on the music for them to scan/ so even if samplin you Payin the Klan/ now google pharoahe Monch watch stress a deck a phobia/ I'll explain why these banks wachovia/ I see the future in my sleep to be honest man/ we never had a mutual agreement wit washington/ (why) cuz I believe they put the virus in the latex/ condoms that they sell us call it safe sex/ when I spit not only causes glitch up in the matrix/ but an effortless terror threat that they ain't even face yet/

Maybe I should embed a youtube video