Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Almost there is all the way done

I know that sounds like a oxymoron but My new Mixtape titled Almost There is officially finished. Here's a home made video of the first leak off it called Exodus...

Friday, May 1, 2009

Lyrical Fire 1

Haven't been on here consistently lately but I have a new series of blogs Which I'll call lyrical fire until I come up with something better. I'll start with something from one of my favorite rappers ever Pharoahe Monch a song call free off his latest album Desire. Check these lyrics they are a very articulate description of the rap game.

Hook (You can clip my ways shackle and chain me/ back straight standing tall a child of god and I'm (free)/
spit in my face hold me down/ I keep my feet front to the ground/ I'm free )

your a&r's a house nigga the labels the plaintation/ now switch that advance for your emancipation/ mcs in the field/ like cotton for real/ I pop locks like beat street with an option to kill/ they take the strongest of slaves to compete in a trackmeet/ for the king of the city sing songs of backstreets/ chorus' of cocaine tales and black heat/ train niggas like proffesional athletes/ take that merchandising snatch that publishing/ package that black ass ship you to London/ by way France, Germany,Dublin/ harrell road the underground like harriet Tubman/ while y'all stay strugglin/ we smuggle mcs/ through the streets/ til we bubblin/ on mix CDs hustlin/ Klan seen me on the block said freeze/ I said fuck you Im a man I'm free/

I give birth to verses in churches no confession/ so please pardon my post partum depression/ a list mc that spit it in c sections/ for immature minds to get it with each lesson/ three/fifths of a man/ ass nigga with no plans/ how you discussing publishing figures without a band/ they got the digital codes on the music for them to scan/ so even if samplin you Payin the Klan/ now google pharoahe Monch watch stress a deck a phobia/ I'll explain why these banks wachovia/ I see the future in my sleep to be honest man/ we never had a mutual agreement wit washington/ (why) cuz I believe they put the virus in the latex/ condoms that they sell us call it safe sex/ when I spit not only causes glitch up in the matrix/ but an effortless terror threat that they ain't even face yet/

Maybe I should embed a youtube video