Thursday, November 6, 2008

Obama Won

listening to the new Jay Electronica right now. It's not that I haven't had much to say it's that I been thinking of which direction I want to go in on this blog. This is a good day. I finished my essay in time to rest my mind before class so now I'm going to do some bull until I can think of something better. And to the rappers that hate bloggers we hate you too. I'm just about tired of rappers saying they hate bloggers. I don't take it personally I know they don't read my blog or anything but I read a lot of good blogs that is part of the reason why I rarely write anything and when someone says this is wack it usually is. Don't get mad do better. I never be like that new Jay electronica is wack. If you haven't heard the snippet of Jay-Z's Victory or history or whatever it's called look for it it is great. Find that Exhibit A I'm listening to also. I'm not putting them up because I don't want no problems with the RIAA they be suing brothers(naggers) for ridiculous amounts of money. Last Dragon. Smoke Breather. Fire Spitter. Peace.

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