Thursday, September 4, 2008

Politics as Usual. . . Upsetting

I've been staying far away from the Republican National Convention. It has to be somehow driven and manipulated by Karl Rove and his backhanded brand of politics. Just check the Facts. Apparently everyone and their constituents in the republican party have been slinging around propaganda-esque slanders against Obama. I mean where does this girl, excuse me lady get off. How can she slap? This is too serious of an issue. I knew politicians bent the truth but this is disgraceful. Instead of attacking Obama's campaign with credible facts and policies that they will actually implement. They've turn the convention into a reality show, where nothing is real. Ok, something is real, the anger that boils up inside of me every time they make one of their illogical points. I'm more of an independent than anything else but lately I can't even listen to a whole speech from a republican without getting completely frustrated, unless it's Ron Paul. Ron Paul is a man of the times. I can't really get behind his campaign. Pause. But he is definitely someone with new ideas and a more traditional view of the Republican Party. While I can rant on this subject for hours on end here is someone with a more OBJECTIVE(big word look it up) opinion.

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