Friday, September 19, 2008

Register Your Life.

New president of NAACP just made this widget. I don't know how to place it on my blog. but here it is with it's own post register to vote everybody. It is still 8,000,000 black people not registered if you know someone that is not registered tell them to. If you are too young to vote tell your parents and family to. Good morning. Eat your breakfast and god bless. MLK Jr.(peace).

Register to Vote: The NAACP, powered by CREDO Mobile


The Socialite said...

I am sure the NAACP will see that you are promoting the widget, even though you cannot put it on your blog. Did you go to the site? Once you go...just click on the get widget. The form might pop up, but go to the side again, and click it again. Then the code should come up. Then copy the code and put it in your layout. Does that help? lol

The Socialite said...

The NAACP is still going to be happy nonetheless! :)

Ed The Sports Fan said...

Good looking on repping the NAACP, we gotta get more involved man. Godspeed.