Wednesday, September 3, 2008

A Liberal Dragon? yes.(explaination)

No man can withstand the dragon's breath Of smoke and fire. You will choke and die on; Broken, tired, soaked in ash entire. 
Mouth of gas for saliva more gas more fire more hype to watch burn and place in an urn. are you concerned? 
Not me it's the air up here. The heir apparent to the flying serpent. Nervous? 
We soar throughout the universe through inter dimensional burst devour the powers your years are our hours cower when I tower over cowards. Nothing can hold me not even reality I'm stoppin by your comics just to vomit on the nonsense caution there's no wind where I can't win no spot where you can't be got i'm the monster of lore that dwells in a cave and brings princesses ashore to misbehave.
I miss the warriors that came to save that burned by blaze before they ever learned my ways no victim has escaped my gaze. Prey is frozen in fear. I hope that u hear so you can stay clear.

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